Pisos de Madera Para Exterior: Deck Natural o Deck Sintético

Within the category of wood floors for exterior we have the options of Natural Deck or Synthetic Deck. Both exterior wood floors are very good options to put outside, be it the terrace, garden, rooftop or pool.


Natural deck

The Natural Deck is an outdoor wooden floor made from 100% natural wood. Some species that are most used for the natural deck are the cumarú and ipe.

The Cumarú , whose scientific name is Dipteryx Odorata , is also known as the Brazilian Teak. It is a wood with a reddish appearance and with a high hardness. The Cumarú is a very resistant wood and easily adapts to the outside, which is why it is a wood that is commonly used for natural deck.

The Ipe , whose scientific name is Handroanthus , is also known as Lapacho or Brazilian Walnut. It is a wood with a brown appearance and with a very high hardness. The Ipe is an extremely resistant wood and adapts easily to the outside. It is usually more dense and stable than Cumarú, and it is for this reason that its value is usually around 25% more.

Other species that are also used as a natural deck outside but that are normally less popular are Teak, Pine, Tzalam or Aliso. These usually have other characteristics than Cumaru and Ipe, from their hardness, resistance to the outside and appearance.

The Natural Deck is usually a very nice and sought-after outdoor wood floor. However, the maintenance of the natural deck has to be constant so that it looks beautiful. At the time of installation you should apply an oil with a UV protector. This oil will have the effect of nourishing the wood, imagine that it is the same effect that the cream has on our skin.

To keep our natural deck as if it were new, we must apply oil at least every two to three months. The frequency of the application will depend on the exposure of the natural deck to traffic, sun, rain and dust. The important thing is always to apply the oil in a preventive way before the wooden deck is perceived. If the deck looks damaged, a reactive maintenance will have to be done that counts on polishing and oiling the deck. These reactive maintenance are usually done very late and the deck will no longer look like its original state.

Ipe deck stain Deck Natural Wood Floors
Within the exterior wooden floors, the natural deck has advantages and disadvantages, here are some of the following:


Natural Deck Advantages

  • Natural wood is a coating that usually looks beautiful when installed in any garden, terrace, roof or even gate, facade or furniture.
  • Natural wood, from a sustainable logging, is usually more friendly to the environment than a synthetic or non-renewable product such as stone.
  • The natural deck, well maintained, usually gives a lot of surplus value to any space.


Disadvantages of Natural Deck

  • The natural deck requires regular preventive maintenance, such as applying oil, to make it look spectacular.
  • The wooden deck is a natural wood product that can contain a percentage of pieces that have kinks and cracks. There are areas where a natural deck behaves better than others, it depends a lot on the environment where it is installed in addition to other factors.


Synthetic deck

The Synthetic Deck is a floor commonly made with high density polyethylene or other synthetic material fusing with a natural material such as wood fiber or other natural materials. That is, it is a mixture of plastic with wood. The plastic of the stability while the wood gives the visual.

This type of outdoor wood floor is highly sought after for its advantages. Among them the clearest advantages of the synthetic deck are the easy maintenance and the most economical price against the natural deck.

The synthetic deck does not have to be applying oil on a daily basis like the natural deck. In fact, the synthetic deck does not apply oil. The maintenance of the synthetic deck consists of using a neutral soap and a mop. It is important to consider that the synthetic deck is not maintenance free. Any product abroad must be maintained so that it always looks good. Imagine being exposed to the sun, humidity, rain and dust during the day. It is for this reason that depending on the conditions where the deck is installed is the frequency that has to be maintained. Like the natural deck, it is important to give preventive maintenance instead of reactive maintenance. The synthetic deck can be opaque if it is not constantly being cleaned.

Within the synthetic deck there are several models and brands that we recommend that it has an extensive warranty and that will achieve the objective of embellishing any exterior space. The Vista Deck brand has models such as Creamy Chocolate , Absolute Gray , Teak , Terracotta and Sand . The VistaDeck brand also has facade models that are easier to install such as the velvet chocolate facade and the pure gray facade. On the other hand, the Trex brand founded since 1996 has a lot of experience producing deck. Some Trex models are the Torino Brown ,Morrocan Red and Chateau Gray .

Within the exterior wooden floors, the synthetic deck has advantages and disadvantages, here are some of the following:

Advantages of the Synthetic Deck

  • Less maintenance than a natural wood deck. With just a neutral soap and a jargon you can provide daily maintenance.
  • The synthetic deck is a covering that looks spectacular installed in any outdoor space such as a garden, balcony or rooftop or also a door, facade or furniture.
  • The composite wooden deck usually has a more extensive warranty than a natural deck product.
  • The composite deck is usually cheaper than a natural deck at the time of purchase and in the long term considering maintenance.
  • The synthetic exterior wood floor gives added value to any space and creates a comforting place to rest, talk or spend time.

Disadvantages of the Synthetic Deck

  • The synthetic deck usually comes from synthetic material and is usually less sustainable.
  • The synthetic deck has part natural product and can expand and contract with the change in climate and humidity.

synthetic deck outdoor wood floors brand Vista Deck Deck Compound

Esperamos que le haya sido de provecha este artículo sobre los pisos de madera para exterior. En conclusión, este tipo de piso suele ayudarnos a crear un espacio exterior donde podremos vivir varias experiencias y aprovechar un área de nuestra casa que quizá no habíamos considerado. Es muy importante buscar un experto para que le pueda ayudar con los pisos de madera para exterior ideales para su área. Cada área es diferente, mas aun cuando se trata de un espacio exterior, por esto mismo le recomendamos que haga investigación antes de tomar una decisión.


Los pisos de madera para exterior lo ayudaran a lograr lo siguiente:

  • Podrán conectar mejor con la naturaleza al tener un espacio exterior.
  • Convivirán con la familia y crearán un espacio de estar y harmonía nueva.
  • Aprovecharan mas el espacio de su casa al añadir un espacio nuevo.
  • They will add a space to share new experiences in your home.


At Global Woods we are committed to providing you with the best products and the best service. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an expert to visit you and advise you on which wooden floor for outdoors is the ideal product for your space. We have been in the market for over 28 years and we are fully willing to share our knowledge without any commitment. Contact us now and enjoy the experience!